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Vital soil Vital food - Biodynamic Soil Conference

Laverstoke Park farm, Hampshire UK

Was Conference
Wann 02.10.2009 10:00 bis
04.10.2009 12:30
Wo Laverstoke Park farm, Hampshire UK
Name Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA)
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The aim of this conference is to explore what biodynamics and the soil foodweb approach can do for the soils.
Laverstoke Park Farm is a biodynamic farm owned by former Formula One World Champion driver  Jody Scheckter. It has a state of art  laboratory where they measure the microorganism level of the soils. This information can be used to improve microbial activity using various techniques including  compost teas and the biodynamic preparations to bring vitality and life back to the soil. These preparations and the understanding framework of biodynamics were given by  Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Since then researchers have further developed the tools and understanding of biodynamics.
Participants will have the chance to experience what these two approaches have to offer through practical hands on activity, as well as discussion with experienced practitioners. As part of the conference, growers can send in a sample of their soil for analysis (full details here). The results will then be presented and discussed in plenum as part of the conference. If you are interested in having a soil analysis you would need to send in your sample by the 4th September at the latest.


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