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Effects of farmyard manure compost and biodynamic preparations

Long-term trial at IBDF Darmstadt (since 1980)


Design: 9 treatments (3 types of fertilizer at 3 levels) with 4 replicates; split block design

1. factor: type of fertilizer CM cattle manure (composted)*
CMBD cattle manure (composted) with all biodynamic preparations (500 and
 501 sprayed on the plots, 502-507 applied to the manure) *
MIN mineral fertilizer (calcium ammonium nitrate, super phosphate, potassium chloride, since 1996 potassium magnesia)
2. factor: rate of fertilizer application
low  50% of medium
medium according to normal farming practice
high  150% of medium
The levels depended upon the particular focus of each period (see below).
* From 1980 to 1984 and in 1988 and 1989 supplemented in single cases by liquid manure, castor or horn meal; since 1990 in each year liquid manure was used as second N portion to cereals.


Experimental periods and research focuses:


  1980 - 1984 1988 - 1991 1992 - 1999 ab 2000
Research focus Food Quality Soil biology Yield formation and long-term effects Stability of soil organic matter level with changed fertilization

Scientific head

Dr. Ulf Abele Dr. Johann Bachinger Dr. Joachim Raupp Dr. Joachim Raupp
Calculation basis of fertilizer amounts Equivalent yields in CM and MIN
(fertilizer amounts)
same N amounts in CM, CMBD and MIN
(fertilizer amounts)
same N amounts in CM, CMBD and MIN
(fertilizer amounts)
as before at the medium level
Crop rotation Carrots
Winter rye
Red clover (alfalfa)
Spring wheat
Potatoes (carrots)
Winter rye
Red clover
 (Pers. clover)
Spring wheat
Winter rye
as before

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