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Effects of farmyard manure compost and biodynamic preparations

Long-term trial at IBDF Darmstadt (since 1980)

1980-1984 Soil organic matter

First period (research focus: Food quality)

Feld A Corg

Feld B Corg
Feld C Corg
Feld D Corg
The highest soil organic matter (SOM) content was found in the treatment with manure fertilization and application of biodynamic preparations (CMBD).
Only the CMBD treatment was able to maintain the organic matter content in topsoil at the same level as it was in 1980 when the trial started. Manure fertilization without the preparations (CM) led to lower SOM contents, despite the same amounts of organic matter having been applied as in CMBD. The largest decrease of SOM occurred with mineral fertilization (MIN). These effects have been observed in all 4 fields in the same way.

SOM development during the first years of the trial, while the three different SOM levels emerged, was re-investigated later.
After eliminating random influences of factors other than the treatments (e.g. unevenly distributed irrigation, the wood beside the trial field) differences between CMBD and CM still remained. This was revealed by the investigation of KOOP, W. (1993): Der Einfluß unterschiedlicher Düngerarten (mineralisch, organisch, biologisch-dynamisch) auf bodenmikrobiologische Indikatoren und Parameter der C- und N-Dynamik im Feldversuch und in Laboratoriumsversuchen. PhD Thesis Univ. Gießen
























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