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Research on biodynamic preparations

The biodynamic preparations are an essential element in biodynamic agriculture.

Right from the start, biodynamic preparations produced a great interest (also in scientific terms), because of their special method of production and because of the small amounts required for application (a few grams per hectar). However, the preparations prevalently provoked critical discussions as well.

Präparatepflanzen (Poster)

In his agricultural lectures R. Steiner described the following preparations:

Spray preparations (or field preparations):
 500    horn manure
 501    horn silica
Compost preparations (or manure preparations):
 502    yarrow (flowers from Achillea millefolium)
 503    camomile preparation (flowers from Matricaria chamomilla)
 504    nettle (stem from Urtica dioica)
 505    oak bark (Quercus robur)
 506    dandelion (flowers from Taraxacum officinale)
 507    valerian (juice from the flowers Valeriana officinalis)

The literature available on biodynamic preparations is quite extensive.  König (1999) published a list of 648 references on this topic.

König, U.J. (1999): Ergebnisse aus der Präparateforschung. Lose-Blatt-Sammlung. Schriftenreihe IBDF, Band 12; Darmstadt

There is a multitude of pot and field trials testing the effect of biodynamic preparations on different plant species. A selection of results is presented on the following pages:


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